Dasan University College is designed to provide general education for becoming a talented person. For that, it has a specialized mandatory course curriculum called AFL-AAFL system. AFL means Ajou Flagship Lecture, which are large classes for giving diverse perspectives about various academic areas to students, and Advanced AFL (AAFL), small-group class focused on specialized training such as research, seminars, debates and so on for a certain academic area. And of course it also has mandatory courses like Writing, English, Basic Mathematics and Sciences. To freshmen, it can be really fabulous experiences with mentors and tutors who help them, on campus, and even in their personal lives.

Goal of Education

University College aims to cultivate global citizens with a sense of identity, cultivated professionals, civilized citizens demanded by the cultural era, cooperative citizens with a sense of community, and creative citizens with the spirit of challenge. To this end, the division requires students to take courses in English, writing, and sciences in addition to other liberal arts courses before graduation. It also provides a variety of optional courses in liberal arts in order to motivate students to enhance their academic interest, self-development, and morality and sense of value.