College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy


In February 2010, Ajou University gained an approval from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to open a pharmacy school. Instead of offering a theory-oriented pharmacy education focused on drugs, Ajou University College of Pharmacy provides its students with a practical six-year curriculum based on the clinical pharmacy, delivering patients-centered pharmaceutical care and onsite training. The college offers a wide range of pharmaceutical subjects combining IT, BT and NT. In addition, it boasts of the educational and research-friendly environment thanks to its proximity to the cluster of large pharmaceutical firms and research centers.

With its vision of becoming a world-class pharmacy school taking the lead in pharmacology by 2023, the College of Pharmacy took its first step in 2011 and welcomed the first group of 20 new students. It promises to grow into one of the internationally renowned pharmacy schools which can play a leading role in the field of clinical pharmacy and industrial pharmacy by the year 2023 when the university celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Goal of Education

The objective of the College of Pharmacy is contributing to the improvement of human health and welfare through education and research on pharmacology. The objective is well reflecting its purpose of introducing the six-year pharmacy curriculum and the founding motto of Ajou University - respect for humans, seeking truth from fact and one world, one family. To fulfill its ultimate objective, the college set out the following specific goals:

  • To foster specialized knowledge and practical skills for clinical pharmacy and industrial pharmacy
  • To enhance self-development and research capacity
  • To establish professional ethics and social responsibility as a qualified pharmacist
  • To cultivate the competency to play a leading role in international healthcare