Student Press

Hakbosa (Ajou Student Press)

  • Date of establishment : May 1, 1974
  • Tel : +82-31-219-2157
  • Address : Room 206, Student Union 2, Ajou University

Published since May 1, 1974, Ajoudaehakbo (Ajou Newspaper) is the main student newspaper of Ajou University. Students themselves got together and pooled their resources to create this student-run publication. Ajoudaehakbo (Ajou Newspaper) has been pivotal in the history of Ajou University, with members upholding the principle of fact-based journalism across generations as a means of investigating the truth. The journalists serve as the eyes and ears of the student body and remain committed to delivering the facts only.

How do journalists at Ajoudaehakbo (Ajou Newspaper) work?
The newspaper’s reporters undergo internships for a certain period of time before they start writing and publishing articles under their own names. The 12-page Ajoudaehakbo (Ajou Newspaper) is published bi-weekly. All reporters are required to participate in each of the newspaper’s 14 publications as well as meetings, which are held every other day, to decide their own topics and plan thorough investigations. They also participate in a variety of public relations activities as representatives of Ajoudaehakbo (Ajou Newspaper). During school breaks, these reporters enhance their skills by participating in external journalism programs as well as internal training. They also organize their own meetings, where they affirm their commitment to the improvement and advancement of the newspaper.

Ajou Educational Broadcasting Service (AEBS)

The AEBS was created with the mission of helping Ajou University realize its educational philosophy by facilitating the dissemination of academic information and important news and providing programs that inspire students. Creativity, hard work, and humanism are the chief principles that guide the AEBS’ work.

The AEBS began with an on-campus broadcasting club that was founded on October 3, 1974. The club expanded into the AEBS on March 3, 1976. As an independent organization and broadcasting station, the AEBS manages its own organization and budget. It also arranges programs on various subjects—music, news, entertainment, and culture—on its own initiative.

As one of the official news outlets on campus, the AEBS provides students with opportunities to experience independent journalism and also acquire a wide range of knowledge and practical skills related to broadcasting, the planning and execution of large events, and systematic organizational culture. The AEBS also boasts an extensive alumnus network of over 300 members who are active in broadcasting and many other fields.

The AEBS produces live-audience shows, public debates, and other feature programs, including special reporting during the general student elections and breaking news on various school-related events.

About the Ajou Globe

The Ajou Globe, Ajou University's quarterly-published English magazine, was established in 1989 to enhance Ajou University's students' proficiency in English. We offer articles of various topics in English, ranging from school issues to society. The Ajou Globe's primary and ultimate goal and duty is to aid Ajou University's future global leaders.

The Ajou Globe, however, does not simply serve as a material for English education. As a form of journalism, The Ajou Globe provides a critical view of campus issues as well as domestic, international affairs. Our articles are not summaries of mere facts. They are analytical reports with insights. The Ajou Globe also promises to communicate with our readers, because journalism is not one-way, it is interactive. Our eyes and ears are wide open, ready to serve as an unbiased watchdog for the Ajou community.

As mentioned above, our goal is to support and educate Ajou University's future global leaders. We believe that true leaders are unprejudiced and attentive. This is what we aim to offer and we hope that you find what you expected.