Ajou R&D Center

Numerous research project teams of Ajou University are burning the midnight oil everyday to shape Korea into a better country.

Second-Phase BK21 Project by the Ministry of Education

In 2006, the Ministry of Education selected 8 teams (two teams in science and technology, one in professional service, and five core project teams). Ajou University will receive 23 billion won for seven years for the project designed to foster advanced researchers demanded for the realization of Korea as a powerhouse of human resources in the 21st century.

The World Class University Project by the Ministry of Education

For the project designed to recruiting the best professors from abroad to offer internationally competitive higher education, Ajou University will receive roughly 5.6 billion won for four years. This WCU research group aims to establish a world-class graduate program and cutting-edge research environment in financial engineering at Ajou University. The main areas of research by the WCU group are Asset Pricing, Risk Management and Real Option Valuation in the Presence of Agency Problems and Model Uncertainties.

ITRC Project by the Ministry of Information and Communication

Game Animation Center

The 8.8 billion-won project is designed to develop data processing technology and content production technology for the next-generation animation production during a period of 9 years. Ajou University was named an outstanding example at the "Regional Innovation Model Contest" held in 2005 and won the Prime Minister Award" ad the "Second Korea Regional Innovation Fair."

National Defense Strategy Network Research Center

It is a 6.4 billion-won project designed to develop core technology for the embodiment of the integrated national defense strategy network by integrating various private and military information and communication systems for 7 years.

ITRC : Information Technology Research Center

University-Centered Labs Support Program by the Ministry of Education

The program is designed to increase national competitiveness by providing necessary information for basic research, creating efficient research environment, supporting the creation of infrastructure in order to build research hubs in universities, and fostering new researchers. Ajou University holds two Centered Labs ( Institute of NT-IT Fusion Technology, Research Center for Molecular Science & Technology) and receives approximately 3.5 billion won for three years.

Cell Treatment Center by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy

The research center was founded on industrial-academic cooperation for the development of cell medicine using stem cells and the treatment of incurable diseases. The center, which will receive 6 billion won for five years from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, plans to introduce cell treatment methods for various diseases that have been untreatable through research on cell treatment and the cultivation of professionals in that area.

Major Research Projects at Ajou University

Major Research Projects at Ajou University
Second-Phase BK 21 Project 5 core project teams including Nano Medicine Project Team, Energy System Project Team, Research Project Team for Cell Transformation and Revival.
The World Class University Project Department of Financial Engineering
ITRC Project Game Animation Center, National Defense Strategy Network Research Center
Growth Engine Technology Development Project Cell Treatment Center
Gyeonggi Region Regional Cooperation Project Center for the Development of New Medication for Cell Apoptosis Control
Science Research Center (SRC) Genomic Instability Reserch Center
Science Research Center (SRC) Brain Disease Research Center
Medical Research Center (MRC) Chronic Inflammatory Disease Research Center
National Leading Research Lab Project (NLRL) Bio Probes Lab
Engineering Research Center(ERC) Transit Oriented Development Based Engineering Research Center
University-Centered Labs Support Program
  • Institute of NT-IT Fusion Technology
  • Research Center for Molecular Science & Technology

Major Research Institutes at Ajou

  1. University Basic Research Institutes : Each individual college/school has one research institute for its unique education and research purpose
    • A. College of Engineering : Engineering Research Institute
    • B. College of Information Technology : Research Institute for Information and Communication
    • C. College of Natural Sciences : Basic Science Research Institute
    • D. College of Humanities : Humanities Research Institute
    • E. College of Social Sciences : Social Sciences Research Institute
    • F. College of Law : Legal Research Institute
    • G. School of Business Administration : Management Research Institute
    • H. School of Medicine : Medical Science Research Institute
    • I. College of Nursing : Institute of Nursing Science
    • J. College of Pharmacy : PharmacScience Research Institute
    • K. University College : Dasan Basic Education Research Institute
  2. Professional Research Institutes : Research institutes focused on professional researches required by academic fields.
    • A. Research Institute for Information and Electronics Technology
    • B. Environment Research Institute
    • C. Ajou Transportation Research Institute
    • D. Research Center for Automotive Parts Technology
    • E. Institute of Educational Research
    • F. Institute for World Studies
    • G. Institute of Public Policy
    • H. Jangwee Research Institute for National Defense
    • I. Institute of Tropicology
    • J. Research Center for Molecular Science & Technology
    • K. Functional Cellulophsiomics Research Center
    • L. TOD-based Sustainable City/Transportation Research Center
    • M. Civil System Engineering Research Center
  3. Characterized Research Institutes : Research institutes carrying out researches in particular fields getting financial support from outside institutions or using fund supported.
    • A. Energy System Research Institute
    • B. Suwon Development Institute
    • C. Ubiquitous Convergence Research Institute
    • D. Research Institute for Nano & Information Technology