College of Engineering

College of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Materials Science Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry & Biological Engineering
Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering
Department of Civil Systems Engineering
Department of Transportation System Engineering
Department of Architecture
Department of Integrative Systems Engineering
Department of AI Mobility Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry


The College of Engineering has always been a fundamental part of Ajou University and has spearheaded the advancement of Ajou University. Despite a mere 40 years of history, the College of Engineering has become one of the top-notch programs in Korea in terms of educational quality and competitiveness against other Korean Universities, some of which were established more than a hundred years ago. Moreover, Ajou University was ranked 5th among the ’Natural Sciences and Engineering’-Centered Universities in Korea, according to Joongang Daily’s university evaluation report in 2010. The past forty years has been a period for the college of Engineering at Ajou University to transform itself into a top-class engineering college in Korea, and the forthcoming years will be spent becoming one of the top engineering colleges in the world.

Goal of Education

The College of Engineering aims to produce talented engineers who can lead the global era, equipped with creative reasoning and management skills and also versed in specialized engineering knowledge. To meet such goals, the specific educational objectives are as follows.

  • Engineers with a scientific and creative reasoning mindset
  • Professional engineers who embody visions of the future
  • Well-rounded engineers in harmony with society