College of Natural Sciences

College of Natural Sciences
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Biological Sciences


Natural sciences is an important academic discipline that provides scientific theories and laboratory knowledge essential to the future development of engineering technologies. The College of Natural Sciences is striving to provide research-based high-quality education for future educators in basic sciences, reserchers, and technicians demanded by the country and society. Launched in March 1984, the college is composed of four major areas including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biological sciences, and it has approximately 740 students including 166 new students each year.

Goal of Education

The College of Natural Sciences aims to foster top-notch professionals with competence in the following areas, and lead them to contribute to the development of the country and human society in general.

  • First, solid knowledge in basic principles, theories, and laboratory knowledge related to natural phenomena
  • Second, ability to solve problems and apply their knowledge based on logic and creativity
  • Third, leadership and communication skills as leaders
  • Fourth, healthy and cultivated members of society with humanity