Former President

The First Rector KIM, HYUN-NAM

The First RectorKIM, HYUN-NAM1973.02.15 ~ 1976.02.06

The second Rector LEE, MIN-JAE

The second RectorLEE, MIN-JAE1976.06.11 ~ 1977.03.30

The Third Rector LEE, HAN-BIN

The Third RectorLEE, HAN-BIN1977.03.31 ~ 1979.12.15

The Fourth Rector CHI, UNG-UP

The Fourth RectorCHI, UNG-UP1979.12.14 ~ 1981.02.28

The First President LEE, YONG-HEE

The First PresidentLEE, YONG-HEE1981.08.24 ~ 1982.09.21

The second President RHA, WOONG-BAE

The second PresidentRHA, WOONG-BAE1982.09.22 ~ 1985.02.25

The 3,4,5th President KIM, HYO-KYU

The 3,4,5th PresidentKIM, HYO-KYU1985.02.26 ~ 1995.02.25

The 6,7,9th President KIM, DUK-CHOONG

The 6,7th PresidentKIM, DUK-CHOONG1995.02.26 ~ 1999.06.28

The 9th President2000.02.01 ~ 2001.05.31

The 8th President LEE, HO-YOUNG

The 8th PresidentLEE, HO-YOUNG1999.06.29 ~ 2000.01.31

The Acting President KIM, CHUL

The Acting PresidentKIM, CHUL1973.02.15 ~ 1976.02.06

The 10th President Oh, MYUNG

The 10th PresidentOh, MYUNG2002.03.15 ~ 2003.12.29

The 11th President PARK, JAE-YOON

The 11th PresidentPARK, JAE-YOON2004.01.09 ~ 2006.02.28

The 12th President SUH, MOON-HO

The 12th PresidentSUH, MOON-HO2006.03.01 ~ 2010.02.28

The 13th President LEE, SOO-HUN

The 13th PresidentLEE, SOO-HUN2010.03

The Interim President PARK, JONG-KOO

The Interim PresidentPARK, JONG-KOO2010.03 ~ 2011.01.31

The 14th President AHN, JAE-HWAN

The 14th PresidentAHN, JAE-HWAN2011.02.01 ~ 2015.01.31

The 15th President KIM, DONG YEON

The 15th PresidentKIM, DONG YEON2015.02.01 ~ 2017.06.02

The Acting President RYU, HEE-SUG

The Acting PresidentRYU, HEE-SUG2017.06.03 ~ 2018.01.31