Graduate School

Fields of Study
  • Department of International Business (M.B.A. degree)
  • Department of International Trade (M.A. degree)
  • Department of NGO Studies (M.A. degree)
  • Department of International Development and Cooperation (M.A. degree)
  • Department of Energy Studies (Master's in Energy Science and Policy)



The Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS) at Ajou University was established in 1996 as a pioneer of international student centered professional programs. We were created to foster human resources to encounter increasing perplex global challenges.

We bring to Ajou the potential global leaders who can shape the future in making the world a better place. We prepare our students to create impact from local to global through rigorous academic programs. We have over 1,000 alumni from 77 countries worldwide during last several decades.


The Primary Missions of Ajou Graduate School of International Studies

  • To educate the future leaders in government, business and civic organizations who can effectively meet the challenges of the globalizing world.
  • To secure a pool of future international experts needed by the developing countries with a view to providing them with a meaningful role and encouraging their active participation.
  • To develop students' capacity and contribute to the international progress of the participating studies.

Goal of Education

The purpose of the GSIS is to develop international experts with global perspective and information so that they can enhance international communication and cooperation in a rapidly changing world of politics, economy, culture, technology, and so on.