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NEW Ajou University professor Hong Kyung Soo publishes new book on K-content

  • 2024-04-23
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Hong Kyung Soo, a professor in Ajou University’s Department of Culture and Contents, has published a book entitled How is K-content is Made?.

In his book, Professor Hong analyzes TV shows in three genres—drama, culture, and entertainment—that have become representative of Korean popular culture in the last two years or so. His interviews of five TV show producers formed the basis of his writing.

The TV shows analyzed in the three categories were Extraordinary Attorney Woo (drama), Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail (culture), and Physical: 100, You Quiz on the Block, and Street Woman Fighter (entertainment).

A seasoned content critic, Professor Hong believes the secrets to creation of popular Korean content (K-content) can be understood by analyzing the thoughts, sentiments, and intentions of the people involved in its making. He regularly conducts interviews with the producers of content that catches his attention. 

In his book Professor Hong sees the aforementioned five titles as a refreshing departure from predecessors in their genres. He explains that AI and streaming services expand the boundaries of what is possible. Through his in-depth interviews of these producers, Professor Hong identified a concrete philosophy of production among them and gained an understanding that the potential and actual worldwide popularity of the shows have resulted from the effort and resources invested in their making.

How is K-content is Made?, with its unedited excerpts from the interviews, can serve as a foundation for researchers of content and pop culture, and provide media workers and students with insights into content planning. 

From 1995 to 2010 Professor Hong was a producer with KBS, with Discovery of Recite and Danbak Interview among his produced titles. Since 2010 he has focused on research and education in content production. He has authored the books Squid Game and the Content Revolution, I Decided to be a Strong Content Planner from Now on, A Conversation with an Entertainment Producer, and A Conversation with an Expanding Producer. He is chief of broadcasting and new media research with the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies, and a member of the MBC Journalism Accountability Committee.