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NEW Twelve humanities students visit Vietnam for overseas experience

  • 2024-04-23
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A group of 12 Korean language and literature students from Ajou University spent five days in Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of an overseas experience program, itself part of Ajou University’s organized efforts to deliver innovative education through its established departments. 

The student group stayed in Hanoi, Vietnam, from January 15 to 19, visiting Vietnam National University Hanoi and Thang Long University, sister universities to Ajou University, to meet with students there, and enjoying a range of cultural experiences. The student group was accompanied by Professors Lee Sang-shin and Lee Geonhee.

Besides visits to these sister universities, the Ajou University students also attended lectures on culture, went on day trips—including one to a Korean company operating locally—and engaged in research to go toward the completion of team assignments. A group of 10 "buddies,” Thang Long University students, accompanied the Ajou University student group on their itinerary. 

Planning for the overseas experience program reflected student ideas for activities. The team assignments the students completed during their stay in Vietnam were a study on ways to effectively export modern Korean literature to Vietnam, a study of different aspects of literature influenced by the Vietnam War based on an understanding of that conflict, an analysis of the popularity of Korean webtoons in Vietnam and ways to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and Vietnam, and a study of what Korean language education in Vietnam looks like. 

The students visited Segyung Hitech, a Korean company operating in Vietnam, and spent time with staff learning about business in country, the local job market, and how Korean businesses and Korean culture are perceived by the locals. 

An opportunity for Ajou University students to experience foreign culture, the program brought students of Ajou University and its sister universities in Vietnam together for a bonding experience. As students of Korean language and literature, the visiting students got to experience firsthand and reflect on how Korean culture and language are received in the foreign locales they reach. 

The overseas experience program was part of the Department of Korean Language and Literature’s organized efforts to deliver innovative education. Officially known as the “Project for the Development of Innovative Education Departments” and in execution Ajou University-wide, the efforts began in 2023 and will continue until the end of 2025. The goal of the project is to support the departments at Ajou University in achieving the kind of educational innovation that sets an example to be followed. The project has been executed by eight departments, including the Department of Korean Language and Literature, since April last year.

Ajou University Korean language and literature students at Vietnam National University Hanoi