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NEW Ajou University to participate in KOICA support of Indonesia’s development of cyber security personnel

  • 2024-04-23
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The Graduate School of Information and Communication Technology at Ajou University will be participating in the Korea International Cooperation Agency’s Indonesian Cyber Security Expert Training Capacity Development Program, set to be executed over two years until 2026 on a budget of KRW 3.7 billion.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is undertaking the project to help Indonesia advance its vocational training in the area of cyber security and grow competitively in related areas. Participants in the program will develop curricula and content, provide training to teaching personnel, and create an integrated platform for education and professional development.

Ajou University has formed a consortium with Dudu IT, a Korean cyber security company, to contribute to the program. The team from Ajou University set to participate in the program comprises professors and doctoral students in the Department of Cyber Space and the Department of Software and Computer Engineering.

The immediate objective of the program is to apply information and communications technology to the creation of a system for education and professional development of Indonesia’s cyber security experts to improve that nation’s capability to respond to cyber security risks. The long-term benefit Indonesia will enjoy from success of the program is improved industrial competitiveness both at home and abroad.

KOICA and the program participants, including Ajou University, will be working with polytechnic universities operated in Bogor, West Java, by Indonesia’s National Cyber and Crypto Agency. The polytechnic universities will develop effective systems and curricula, and become able to provide theoretical and practical training in both online and physical environments. Other aspects of the program include systematic support of professional development of cyber security personnel in a variety of fields and the installation of new facilities for cyber security vocational training.