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NEW Ajou University to participate in BK21 Project in mathematics and pharmacy

  • 2024-04-23
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Two research teams from Ajou University have been selected for the fourth leg of the BK21 Project (Brain Korea 21: Fostering Outstanding Universities for Research), a national project which produces graduates of postgraduate studies who will go on to play a role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the response to the changing population structure, and other important areas.

One selected research team is from Ajou University’s Department of Mathematics and one from its Department of Pharmacy. The “Ajou Future Mathematical Scientist Education and Research Team” is led by Professor Choi Soo-young and aims to develop data-based mathematical scientists. The Department of Mathematics at Ajou University has successfully operated curricula in basic and industrial mathematics, and supports its students in gaining practical experience through education structured as projects that are completed in partnership with businesses and other industrial entities. 

The “Education and Research Team for the Development of Future Developers of Innovative New Drugs for Barriome Control” is led by Professor Chang Sun-Young and aims to understand the role of barriome in disease occurrence and create a platform for the development of new drugs based on the understanding obtained. Ultimately, it will develop groundbreaking new drugs that regulate barriome. In support of its goal it will train scientists through specialized and convergence curriculums.

The two research teams will engage in the fourth leg of the BK21 Project until August 2027. This latest selection will see Ajou University contribute to this leg of the BK21 Project through five research groups and two research teams. 

Four of the five research groups were formed in August 2020: the “Chem-bio-medicine Education and Research Group” from the Department of Molecular Science and Technology (Professor Kim Yong-Sung), the “Carbon-zero Renewable Energy System Project Group” from the Department of Energy Systems (Professor Jang Hye-Young), the “Ajou Dream AI Innovator Development Group” from the Department of Software and Computer Engineering (Professor Sohn Kyung-Ah) and the “Next-generation Super-intelligent Network Convergence Education and Research Group” from the Department of Software and Computer Engineering (Professor Ko Young-Bae). The last of the five research groups, formed in May this year, is the “Intelligent Semiconductor Sensor Star Innovator Education and Research Group” from the Department of Intelligent Semiconductor Engineering (Heo Junseok).

The BK21 Project commenced in 1999 and is executed in seven-year legs. It is currently in the fourth iteration. Groups participating in the fourth leg of the BK21 Project will receive funding for seven years, until August 2027. A budget of KRW 3.2 trillion has been set aside for the enterprise, with KRW 526.1 billion of it allotted in 2023.