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NEW “Ajou Vision 2023” time capsule opened on occasion of 50th anniversary

  • 2023-05-16
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Ajou University held the “Ajou Vision 2023” time capsule opening ceremony on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The time capsule that was opened had been prepared and buried along with the declaration of the “Ajou Vision 2023” university development plan in November 2008. The purpose of the event was to review the university’s achievements, direction, and desires in terms of its development and the preparations that need to be made for its future.

On the morning of April 4, the time capsule opening took place in front of Yulgok Hall with over 100 participants, including students, professors, and staff. The opening of the time capsule was followed by an explanation of its contents and remarks by the president. The time capsule was opened, on behalf of the Ajou family, by President Choi Kee-choo; Lee Hyo-seong, president of the Student Council; Kim Kyungrai, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs; Lee Seon-yi, library director; Im Sang-hyeon, director of the Planning and Coordination Division of Ajou University Hospital; Lee Jae-ho, president of the Professors’ Council; Cho Jae-hyeon, president of the labor union; and Kim Dong-seok, dormitory director.

The time capsule contained 20 items that reflect the goals of Ajou Vision 2023, “a world-class university taking the lead in convergence discipline.” They include booklets and a declaration of “Ajou Vision 2023,” a university master plan, final application for the construction of the law school, permit for such construction, official document providing the results of the preliminary assessment for engineering education accreditation, and status and photos taken of the university at the time.

At the ceremony, students read the letters that were found in the time capsule, written by the students who buried it in 2008.

Lee Dong-hyeon (electronics, 2019) read the letter written by Wu Hye-rim (College of Humanities, 2004), followed by Lee Eun-gyeong (architecture, 2021) reading the letter by Kim Jeong-hun (school of business, 2003) and Lee Da-yun (digital media, 2022) reading the letter by Cho Hyeong-jun (bio-engineering, 2007). The letters expressed the students’ expectations for changes on campus and wishes for the university’s development and told their stories to and shared their hopes with juniors. 

President Choi, in his commemorative remarks, said, “Marking its 50th anniversary, Ajou University is planning many physical changes in the campus master plan, including the construction of the AU50 Convergence Hall. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our professors and staff, who have worked so hard over the past 50 years to make Ajou University what it is today." 

Ajou University marks its 50th anniversary on April 12, for which it has prepared various commemorative projects under the slogan “A+ for the World.” During the week of the 50th anniversary (April 10 to 14), the ai (Ajou Innovations) Festival will be held. Events for the week include: the (i) 50th anniversary eve festival, which local residents are welcome to attend, (ii) report on the publication of Ajou University’s 50 years of history; (iii) AI and AI-6G Convergence Colloquium series; (iv) 50th anniversary ceremony; (v) international conference commemorating the university’s 50th anniversary; (vi) energy materials symposium; (vii) AI semiconductor conference; (viii) mobility conference, and (ix) Ajou Bio-health Science Fair.

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(From left) President Choi Kee-choo and students Lee Da-yun, Lee Eun-gyeong, and Lee Dong-hyeon

Students looking at items removed from the time capsule.