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NEW Chemical Engineering 1985 Alumni Member Makes “Love Ajou” Relay Donation

  • 2020-11-19
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<Photo: From left: EP Global CEO Kang Won-gu, Paint Wall Mart CEO Kwon Hoe-jung, RAY Star CEO Kwon Soon-ho, Ajou University president Park Hyung-ju and dean of the Chemical Engineering Department, Kim Ju-hyung>

 The Chemical Engineering 1985 Alumni Association continues giving to the university. Its donation relay campaign began in 2016 and has continued every year. This year, Kwon Soon-ho, member of the Chemical Engineering 1985 Alumni Association, continued the relay with a monetary gift to the university.  

RAY Star CEO, Kwon Soon-ho started his undergraduate studies in the Ajou University Department of Chemical Engineering in 1985. He donated 10 million won towards establishment of a commemorative hall celebrating Ajou’s 50th anniversary, becoming the fifth “runner” in the relay donation campaign.

The donation hand-over ceremony was held at the president’s office on October 21st. Park Hyung-ju, President of Ajou University, extended his gratitude on behalf of the Ajou family and held a luncheon. The previous donors to the relay donation campaign also participated.

The campaign was introduced by the alumni association of the Chemical Engineering department and began with EP Global CEO Kang Won-gu in 2016. This year celebrates the fifth year of continued donations: Innofiltech CEO Kim Jung-woo in 2017, EKC CEO Kang Min-gu in 2018, and Paint Wall Mart CEO Kwon Hoe-jung in 2019 all contributed 10 million won. The alumni are now one step closer to their goal of donating 100 million won within a decade thanks to the recent donation made by Kwon Soon-ho. 

Kang Won-gu directed his donation to the Ajou University Central Library, Kim Jung-woo contributed to further development of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, while gifts from Kang Min-gu and Kwon Hoe-jung went towards advancement of the Chemical Engineering Department.