Foriegn Language Program

Adult Language Courses

Course Introduction

We provide opportunities not only for Ajou University students but also for the public who would like to take foreign language courses in the evening.

Features of Language Courses of the CIE
  • Provide systematic classes designed to effectively improve foreign language skills
  • Offer high-quality language programs with native speakers
  • Operate classes in various levels from basic to advanced
Course Registration and Inquiries

Opening courses

 Table describing adult language courses at the International Education Center by instructor name, classroom, lecture period, lecture day, lecture time, textbook, tuition fee, discount benefit
Course English Speaking with a native speaker Chinese Speaking English Speaking with a Korean Instructor
Instructor TBA TBA TBA
Classroom To be announced
Period Open every month, 4-week program
Day Monday, Wednesday
Tuesday, Thursday
Tuesday, Thursday
Time 18:30~20:30
Materials Hand out Hand out Hand out
Fee 160,000KRW 160,000KRW 120,000KRW
  • ① Ajou University students: 20% (20% discount by CIE)
  • ② Ajou University faculty, researchers, corporate staff, medical staff, academic-industrial cooperation staff: 50% (50% discount by CIE)
  • ③ Ajou University staff, assistants, administrative contract staff: 100% (50% discount by CIE + 50% supported by Ajou University staff training)

Discounts will be applied based on attendance rate after a course ends (only applicable when the attendance is over 80% to those in ③)

The registration is automatically canceled if the fee is not paid within 3 days of registration. (Excluding those who receive educational support fees.)

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The schedule is subject to change.