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Course Syllabus

Understanding Modern Capitalism  Syllabus Download

Overview : With the global financial crisis and unusually slow recovery, the assumptions of modern capitalism are under stress like never before. Criticisms that it is unfair, inefficient, and mismanaged have created a crisis of confidence for many. 

However, others say that the foundations are still strong and vibrant. Who do you believe? This course will examine the debates within modern capitalism along with explanations of its central principles.

Students will gain an understanding of how markets work and what controversies they create.

Global Entertainment Marketing

Overview : To see if joy&hedonic pleasure are pivotal motivating factors for people. Understanding the impact of cultural products and services on people in the global era.

Learning the fundamentals of entertainment content business theories.

Introducing K-Pop and K-movies and Korean entertainment business culture.

Digital Art and Aesthetics  Syllabus Download

Overview : In this lecture, students acquire basic knowledge and history of digital art and its aesthetics, and develop exhibition planning in accordance with the changing social and cultural environment. This lecture aims to think about the essence of art through the unfolding aspects of digital art, which was born through the combination of science and technology over the past 20 years.

By studying digital art that seeks to explore the new human image revealed by digital civilization through various trial and error, we will consider the question of the value of what to do with the digital technic and the problem of new aesthetic judgement.

Algorithms  Syllabus Download

Overview : This course deals with principles and techniques for design and analysis of computer algorithms. 

The topics covered are mathematical induction, asymptotic analysis of algorithm efficiency, and algorithm design techniques including divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming, greedy method, branch-and-bound, backtracking, and iterative improvements.

Elements of computational complexity theory, mostly on NP-completeness, is introduced and it is also discussed how to cope with computationally intractable problems.     

IT Professional English  Syllabus Download

Overview :  IT English is a course that concentrates on English with an Information Technology focus. Speaking lessons include pair work, small group tasks, and class discussions. The language of instruction is English and students are expected to communicate in English during class. 

The course is designed for students with a basic to intermediate knowledge of general English who now require an elementary (CEF level A1-A2) English course in this specific field. Students should have a minimum level of 400-600 on the TOEIC test or level 5 IELTS score.

Course Goals : Students will gain confidence and improve their English speaking abilities. Students will prepare an IT Product Business Plan.

Current Issues in Korean Society  Syllabus Download

Overview :  This course is intended to provide you understandings of Korean society with interests on topics encompassing people, geography, history, cultural characteristics, value systems, people’s behavioral patterns, doing business in Korea, economy and industry, social issues and problems, domestic politics, international relations, two-Korea issues, and future prospects of Korea into the 21st century. 

In addition, we will try to look into the East Asian region including China and Japan, albeit briefly, to provide a context for our endeavor to understand and seek prospects about the future of Korea and the region. 

Basic Korean 1  Syllabus Download

Overview :  This course is a three-week summer intensive course designed for foreign students who have no or little background of learning Korean. The classes are held for 3 hours per day online from July 5(Mon) through July 23(Fri). 

This course consists of 2 parts. In the 1st part, for about 1/3 of the total class hours, this course will introduce Korean alphabets ‘Hangeul’ focusing on the phonetic value of each letter and characteristics of syllable structure. 

In the 2nd part, this course will focus on providing students with a foundation for acquiring their basic Korean language skills using grammar and vocabulary. 

Also, students will learn to improve their communication skills with familiar topics in daily life such as greetings, self-introduction, and daily activities etc. Students are also expected to raise their understandings to Korean culture through their language experience in class.     

Basic Korean2 Syllabus Download

Overview : This class is designed for students who have received the first level of the Korean Language Proficiency Test(TOPIK) or students who are equivalent to this level. 

The class runs five times a week from July 5 to July 23 for three hours a day. 

In this class, students learn the various conjunctive ending and markers, commanding expression and vocabularies which are used in daily life. 

With these learning, students can speak, listen and write on topics that are interesting and familiar in their daily life.     

Academic Korean Speaking & Listening Syllabus Download

Overview :  Academic Korean Speaking & Listening is designed for students with proficiency in TOPIK Level 2 or higher. 

This course aims to develop student's interpersonal and presentational abilities for oral communication in Korean needed in the college and daily life. 

The classes are to be offered for 3 hours from Monday to Friday starting from July 5th to 23rd.

In this course, students will be able to learn Korean from beginner to intermediate level focusing on daily life topics and use them in real life. 

As it is expected to improve Korean language skills through the class activities, learners can also broaden their understanding toward Korean culture.  


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