Ajou University’s Coronavirus Response measures

Where to contact if you have Coronavirus Symptoms

  • 1) Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1339 
  • 2) Yeongtong Public Health Center 031-228-1035

University Contact Information for COVID-19


 대학평의원회 구성원현황
Office of General Affairs COVID-19 General Administration 2062
COVID-19 Director 2074
Office of Academic Affairs Class 2011, 2015, 2016
School Register (Leave of Absence/Returnee related) 2014

 대학평의원회 구성원현황
Accounting Team Registration 2079
Health Center Self Quarantine Policy 1596
Dormitory     Hosing Application 2143, 2144
Communication Team Press Related 2917, 2918

Letter from the President of Ajou University

  • OIA
  • 2020-04-07
  • 889

Dear Ajou Community,


The air is still chill in early mornings, but cherry blossoms are in full bloom. We miss vibrant energy students bring to our campus. In this unprecedented situation of wide spread of virus, I am greatly appreciated to our fellow Ajou students, at the same time, am so proud of them to pursue their enthusiasm of learning.

I would like to thank the professors for overcoming the sudden changes of teaching environment with the passion, love, and devotion. It is also great honor to have all Ajou community working hard to keep the university well operated at these unpredictable days. I sincerely appreciate all their efforts and understandings.

Ajou University is doing its best to respond to the COVID-19 by actively operating the Infectious Disease Management Committee including the professor specialized in infectious disease at our University Hospital, and we also operate the Online Class Support Task Force which consists of professional staff members specialized in the education and information system. With these collective efforts and intelligence, we expect to overcome this unprecedented global crisis together. 

However, it is hard to predict when the pandemic will end at this moment. In this regard, on April 3rd, Academic Board Meeting was held to keep up with the responses by each colleges and to receive feedbacks and students’ opinions from the President of Student Body. After the long discussion, the committee has concluded the below, and we sincerely ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

- Online courses will be continued until the situation stabilizes.

- Further notices will be made in May (May 15th) for lab and experimental classes which need face-to-face lectures.

 The above schedule is subject to change upon the COVID-19 situation.

I wish this decision helps Ajou community to go back to normal and daily life soon without any disruptions.


Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Hyungju Park

President of Ajou University