Department Introduction

Applied Biotechnology is a representative convergence science that consists of two majors: Cosmetic Science, which fosters the experts in the cosmetics industry, and Applied Biotechnology, which are linked with BT. The Korean cosmetics industry is a promising industry in the world's top five in terms of international competitiveness along with the global expansion of K Beauty. In order to maintain and further develop our international competitiveness, we need advanced experts who can lead the cosmetics industry, and the role of the cosmetic science major is to systematically educate and nurture these advanced experts.

In the curriculum, you can see that the curriculum is the core of conventional cosmetic science education and research. In the meantime, the curriculum has been completed by examining the subjects necessary for R & D and production of cosmetics. We operate with the highest quality courses. It also develops research skills during the degree process, and teaches students to write SCI-level research papers that can be published in the world's cosmetic journals. It also gives students the opportunity to actually product. We look forward to the participation of those who dream of high-level experts who will lead the future of the Korean cosmetic industry in the advanced degree of cosmetic science and to achieve that dream in the major of cosmetic sciences.

  • Office : Paldal-Hall 210-2 (tel: +82-31-219-3579)
  • Programs :
    • Master’s degree
    • Doctorate degree
    • Integrated Degree