The consumption of cosmetics, regardless of age and gender, is increasing significantly due to the extended average life expectancy of humans, income improvement, and modern social and cultural phenomena that emphasize the appearance. Accordingly, the size of the domestic cosmetics market is growing rapidly. In particular, as the preference for Korean cosmetics has risen amid the global craze of K-Boutique, the cosmetic industry's paradigm shift is taking place as a high value-earning industry in association with Korean culture. In addition, the role of cosmetics is beyond the existing limited range of simple moisturizing and cleanliness, and high functionalities such as whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection, and skin regeneration are added, and new natural cosmetic materials are discovered. It is very likely that this kind of evolution will continue.

Ajou University has operated a cooperative course in cosmetic sciences major in order to establish a system as a new applied science that meets the needs of our times. Many professors from the Department of Pharmacy, Applied Biotechnology, and Life Sciences participate in completing the academic system of cosmetics as well as conducting various educational programs. Through this, we operate a major in cosmetics with the goal of fostering on-site elite personnel who will play a pivotal role in the development of the Korean cosmetics industry. In addition, we will establish various industry-academic cooperation programs to exchange with the cosmetics industry and contribute to the development of new-concept cosmetics. We promise to concentrate all the capabilities of Ajou University's members so that Ajou University's cosmetics department can be transformed into the best specialized program in domestic cosmetic fields.