Kyungil Kim
Psychology Department

Ajou University

kyungilkim et ajou.ac.kr
(or) kim et psy.utexas.edu
Office: 502 YulGok-Hall
Phone: +82-31-219-2842









Hello, I am a professor in the psychology department at the Ajou University

Before I came to Ajou, I worked on the similarity and cognition lab and Pennebaker lab in the Psychology department at University of Texas at Austin as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2005.

After getting a B.A. in Psychology Department from Korea University in 1993, I went on to graduate school in the Psychology Department at Korea University, where I got my MA in 1995. Then, I spent three years (and two months) as an officer (branch: Troops information & education / rank: 1st Lieutenant) in Korean Army.  After the discharge from military service,  I went on to graduate school in the Psychology Department at the University of Texas-Austin, where I got my PhD in 2005 after four years of living the good life as a graduate student. 

My research has focused on four main areas. First, I am interested in how and why people differ in their cognition and behavior.  Another important topic of mine is how/whether people process covariation/frequency/mathematical information in causal reasoning.  Third, I am interested also in the influences of cognitive/physical goals on judgment and decision making.  My last research area is music perception and cognition.   Here are some brief descriptions of my research areas and a list of publications.  

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