The 2nd Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop

Date: (Part 1) December 22 (Mon) - 25(Thu), 2014
(Part 2) December 26 (Fri) - 28(Sun), 2014

Venue : (Part 1)KAIST, Department of Mathematics Sciences (E2 building), Daejeon, Korea
(Part 2) Unipark, Jeju National University, Jeju Island, Korea

Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea and NIMS


We are organizing the 2nd Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop. This workshop consists of two parts; the first part is "Toric Topology Student Workshop in Daejeon''. The goal of is workshop is to share the recent research topics in toric topology among Ph.D. students from Korea and Japan, and provide an environment for students to collaborate on open problems. The second part is "NIMS-AJOU Joint Workshop on toric topology and computing". This workshop is for communicating with mathematicians in Korea and near countries who are interested in toric topology and computational topology. This meeting will be informal and relaxed for intensive discussions.